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Orgasm control

Orgasm control
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People have started to study the phenomenon of orgasm not so long ago. And almost immediately it was discovered that an orgasm is not only a very pleasant sensation but also a guarantee of health. At the moment of an orgasm a woman’s body intensively produces testosterone and estrogenes which improve the immune system, and consequently let the woman fall ill less frequently and stay young and attractive longer. Those women who regularly achieve orgasm have 20% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease, 15% lower risk of breast and cervical cancer, 13% lower risk of a heart attack, and 10 % lower risk of a stroke. And all this is due to the production of such useful hormones as oxytocin and dehydroepiandrosterone.

However, the majority of women suffer from certain difficulties achieving orgasm. That is why it is especially important for a man to control his orgasm, for example to give a woman enough time for reaching her sexual climax.

Orgasm control is a sexual technique which involves the maintenance of a high level of sexual arousal without reaching orgasm by a separate person, both sexual partners or one of them, by a man or a woman. Medicines for potency help control orgasm. Buy Viagra online or Cialis and start harmonic sex today!

People are eager to learn how to control orgasm to prolong the pleasure from the sexual intercourse. Orgasm control is sometimes mistakenly called slow masturbation. It is a mistaken belief because the active partner not only stimulates the passive one with a hand, but also can use any other way of arousing the partner, such as the traditional vaginal intercourse, oral sex or various sex toys.

Both partners can learn how to control orgasm with the help of more experience gained while masturbating, and also with the help of nonsimultaneous mutual masturbation techniques practiced with the partner.

Besides, the better you will be able to slow down the intensification of your sensations, the more impressive and powerful your orgasm will be. There are several following tips how to do it best.

Firstly, you can try to concentrate your thoughts on work, unfinished business or something else during the sexual intercourse. Secondly, if you feel that you are close to achieving orgasm, but your partner needs some more time you can stop the frictions for some seconds or take the penis out of the vagina and continue the caresses in a different way.

Besides, you can try one of the forms of a sexual intercourse which is called “karezza” that consists in both partners being motionless after the introduction of the penis into vagina. In such a way a kind of mental orgasm is achieved which requires minimal efforts.

There exist more ways of delaying the moment of orgasm, you can experiment with your partner endlessly. But if you still fail to achieve orgasm simultaneously with your partner, there is absolutely nothing wrong. Besides, it is important to remember that if you want to please your partner your most essential assistants will be tenderness, attention and consideration.

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The stronger and brighter orgasm, the stronger sleep. Nevertheless, here it is necessary to know when to stop, because multiple orgasms (20) can trigger a coma.

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