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Impotence in youth

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Youth! What a great word! Youth means fun, meeting friends, travel, and, of course, dating ... But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Recently, the number of young people experiencing erectile dysfunction (impotence) has increased significantly. This problem itself is very poorly tolerated by many men who see this as a humiliating disease, let alone for a young guy erectile dysfunction becomes a real disaster. Frequently, instead of going to a specialist quickly and solving the problem, the young men start developing a complex that only complicates the situation. Of course, for the young guy it is hard even to admit to himself that he had problems with erection. All the more, it is difficult to talk about it with the female partner. But, again, do not put off a visit to a specialist, the sooner diagnostics is carried out and treatment is prescribed, the higher is the probability that potency problems will be fully resolved in a while. Thus the problem of impotence in young years is mostly related to how you see your health. Insufficient attention to oneself and his way of life often becomes the cause of impotence. Buy Viagra online or Cialis and start a harmonious sex today!

In youth, potency problems are rarely caused by serious health problems. Most often, impotence in young men arises from psychogenic reasons. Thus, typically, the "morning" and "nocturnal" erection is preserved. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by a variety of psychogenic factors:

- unsuccessful first sexual experience;

- fatigue;

- lack of sleep;

- intense prolonged stress;

- complicated relationship with the sexual partner;



This problem can be solved with the help of a good specialist. 

However, it happens that impotence occurs at a young age for physiological reasons as well. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by various diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, diseases of the pelvic organs, hormonal problems, tumor diseases, diseases of the vascular and nervous systems, impaired blood flow in the penis vessels and a number of other diseases.

Erectile dysfunction can also occur due to a lack of nutrients in the body, smoking, regular use of alcohol or drugs, long-term abstinence from sex, or vice versa, due to over-active sex life, late sexual debut, repeated attempts to delay an orgasm to prolong sexual intercourse.

If you have experienced erectile problem once or twice, you need not panic and think that you are impotent. "Misfires" with the erection occur in men with great potency as well. Pay attention to the fact what has changed in your life in recent years: may be you overdo at work or are nervous because of the new girlfriend? Maybe you are a frequent visitor of the pubs with your friends or do not have enough sleep on a regular basis?

If the erection problems have become systematic, then go to a specialist without delay. Many young people do not go to the doctor because of emerged feelings of worthlessness or false shame. Forget it! If there are problems with potency, the sooner you see a professional, the sooner they will be solved! In our time, these problems are solved quite easily. Take care of your health from your youth!


The first anti-impotence recipes that have survived, were already known to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

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