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Sexual fears of the mens and womens

Sexual fears
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Sex is one of the most pleasant activities in human life. But even the best sex can be spoiled by unpleasant thoughts, caused by a the most various fears and apprehensions. Of course, everything is very individual and in each case depends on the gone through experience, human nature and many other factors, but studies showed that there is a "top" of popular fears and that women and men have different fears.

So, what are women afraid of in bed? The most common women’s fear in bed is the fear not to justify the expectations of a man. This fear positive sides as well: the woman makes more efforts to satisfy partner, and becomes more open for sexual experiments. But fear is fear, this phenomenon is negative of itself, so, of course, one should sort out it on one’s own, together with a partner or with the help of a specialist, depending on whom how it is more comfortable.

Also, almost all women are afraid of looking not enough attractive and sexy during sex, which certainly disturbs. Instead of enjoying the process with no worry, a woman who is not self-confident, concentrates on her appearance, thinks about it, watches her partner’s reaction, and so on. Doing this the woman just blocks her ability to have an orgasm or just enjoy sex.

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Fear of getting pregnant or catching an unsightly venereal disease does not leave the weaker sex not only before sex, but during it. Therefore, many women can really enjoy sex with permanent reliable partner.

Phobia of sexual experiments also takes one of leading positions in the rating of "bed" phobias. Such a fear can be associated with a lack of confidence in a partner, and with self-doubt.

Ladies often feel shy to talk to their partners about their sexual fantasies because of the fear to become a pervert in the eyes of the beloved.

What is the stronger sex afraid of in bed? Regardless of social status, men are also subjected to various fears and apprehensions, and this is absolutely normal thing. Leading places in men's fears is the fear to encounter erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Fear of erection lack at the most crucial moment is one of the basic fears which have, perhaps, all men, even the most successful and experienced in sexual terms. Occurrence of this fear is the Achilles' heel of any man, so it is important that in case of a single failure a careless word of a partner would not inflict trauma on a man which is able to "reward" the young healthy man with erectile dysfunction.

Very common fear is that once one will not simply want sex. Such a situation is indeed often happens with men aged about 50 years, during the onset of andropause. It is important to remember that it is possible to cope with such problems on one’s own or with the help of a specialist.

Like women, men are afraid to disappoint his partner. These fears gather momentum especially in our time when women exactly fancy what they want in bed. The emancipation of women has led to the fact that the requirements for men in sex increased significantly - accordingly, fear to disappoint a partner has increased as well. Our pharmacy online offers you to buy drugs for potency.

The results of the surveys showed that men in their intimate life are afraid of comparison with previous partners of their lovers.

As we can see, we are all more or less subjected to fears. It is always important to remember about this and be lenient with your partners, build relations based on trust - then you will not be bored at night!


Many women find that their men need just sex. So driven by prejudice, a woman can fall into a long period of sexual abstinence, suspecting a man of treason and refusing.

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